Mardin Baklava Review

Jakarta as Indonesia’s capital city inhabited with people from many different cultures. Not only Indonesian culture but also International culture. As a melting pot, this city offers you a rich culinary experience. You can find international food as easy as Indonesian traditonal food in Jakarta.

Baklava is my food story in this post for international culinary in Jakarta. Baklava is a Turkish traditional dessert, a layered thin pastry dough with a different variant of nuts as filling.

At national election holiday, we drove to the very east of Jakarta to taste this Turkish delicacy. In Cipinang, there is a Baklava store named Mardin Baklava. One of the reviews said it sells the best Baklava in town, so I am being a curious kid willing to try.

We called before the visit to make sure the store will still be opened on a national holiday. People at the other end, talk with accent inform us that Mardin Baklava will still open at 2 pm.

45 minutes drive and we arrived exactly at 2 pm. Mardin baklava is still closed, but the front door is unlocked, so I gave it a try.  I came in saying hello to find out if there is someone inside. After a few times hello, a man with Turkish look (middle eastern with moustache) came out. The man was trying to tell us something, but in a language we do not understand. He did not speak English nor Indonesian, so we got no idea what he’s talking about.

To get back from our disappointment, we distract ourselves from Baklava to other delicacy.  We knew a delicious siomay in the neighbourhood and spend almost half an hour with a plate of siomay. On our way home, we passed by Mardin Baklava and we found out that the store has opened.

It was 2.30 pm and there were already two groups of people do Baklava shopping.

The man behind the counter is an Indonesian talkative guy. He spooned a piece of Baklava the customer chose while explaining what Baklava is. Mardin Baklava sells their Baklava based on weight and priced it Rp 143,000 per 250 gram. The first customer wants to have Baklavas for dining in. The store served Baklava in a white long flat plate which contain 250-gram Baklava or about 8 pcs.

While the man behind the counter was busy with the second customer, another Turkish man was coming into the store. He came in a neat slim fit shirt, pants and wearing a loafer, and later we found out he is the owner or at least the manager.

We were served by the owner, he let us choose our Baklava from trays in a counter display. There were many variant Baklava which is almost all of them are nut based. Variant of Baklava we decided to take away are Cream & Pistachio, Classic Pistachio, Classic Walnut, Walnut Roll, and a non-nut variant Chocolate & Coconut baklava.

Mardin Baklava packages their delicacies in luxury. A black box with Mardin written in gold on the top of the box. They provided an environmentally plastic bag with an exclusive touch.

When it’s time to taste the bought Baklavas, we start with pistachios variant. The dough is soft yet crisp and the flavour of the dough is rich, it was the syrup who gave more flavour to the dough. Mardin Baklava was not too generous with pistachio, but we all can understand since it was an imported nut.

My favourite variant is chocolate and coconut Baklava, It has Chocolate Baklava dough with coconut and pistachio sprinkle.

I like how Mardin Baklava takes their business seriously, they give excellent service by giving their customer experience rather than just food. This place is recommended for Jakartans who want to experience Turkish delish, straight from Turkish Chef.

Mardin Baklava

Jl. Cipinang Jaya No.74, RT.8/RW.7, Cipinang Besar Sel., Jatinegara, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13410 .

Open  : 2 PM-12 AM

Phone : 0821-1203-3331


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