Review : Coffee and Dim Sum at Sajiva Coffee Company

Sajiva might renown as a specialist in coffee tools and supplies,but for me, Sajiva is special because they sell my two favorites in their menu, coffee and dim sum. In my second visit to Sajiva Kota Kasablanka, I had my brunch and having a good time with my two favorites.

Sajiva Kota Kasablanka welcomes its customer with a classic industrial interior design. The chandelier on its high ceiling is like a big statement for their interior design concept. The classic wooden chair is used in the seating, together with a rustic table flower. This combination brings the country-like dining table.

Sajiva’s seating areas are arranged in two stories, first floor and mezzanine floor. They also put a smart move in the seating arrangement by making it clustered. This design allowed guest to walk freely between seating cluster. How they arrange the seating make the whole interior feels spacious.

If you were at Sajiva Kota Kasablanka for working and will use your laptop most of the time, I suggest you pick a table on the first floor. They provide power sources only downstairs. The mezzanine floor is suitable for those who want more privacy or focus on work without a power source as a concern.

As I said earlier I was on Sajiva to enjoy dim sum and coffee. To feed my appetite I tried two different dim sum from the menu.

Dim Sum Cream spinach (Rp 30K ++ )

Cream spinach is a steamed transparent bun-like dumpling, stuffed with spinach and shrimp in two bite-sized. From the outside look, the dumpling wrap is translucent you can see the green color from the spinach. On the first bite you can already notice the shrimp but hardly the spinach, and so on to the second bite, for a non-veggie eater like me, it is an upside.

Dim Sum Shiu May (Rp 30K ++)

The Shiu May is a steamed dumpling with shrimp and chicken as the stuffing. They come as four hot dumplings with mayonnaise and chilli sauce as dipping. As good as the former it is moist and fully stuffed which will keep you on munching from the first to the fourth dumpling.

Hazelnut Latte (Rp 40K++)

For coffee, I choose to have hot hazelnut latte, it was my first caffeine dose that day. The hazelnut taste blended well with the coffee makes a good combination of nutty and bitter taste. The boldness is perfect I secretly wish it was a rainy day to perfection the whole beverage.

To sum up, Sajiva Kota Kasablanka is the right place if you want to work or hang out with a quiet ambiance. It is also a good place if you want to have dim sum in Jakarta. Their highly rated dishes and coffee are well rated, it is tasty and worth the price. This place will definitely be on my top list to spend my weekend.

Sajiva Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta
Address : Mall Kota Kasablanka, Upper Ground Floor, food Society. Jl. Casablanca No.88, RT.16/RW.5, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12960
Phone : (021) 220 83618


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