How Would You Enjoy Your Indomie?

Chicken Curry Flavor Indomie

These few days, I can’t help but notice that my appetite increase. I think it has something to do with my period. When I was busy writing, I feel hungry (again). I think it would be good to have something hot and soup-ish to keep me awake. Off I went to the kitchen, and I was lucky that I still have some Indomie (Indonesian Instant noodle soup) left. It was the chicken curry flavour, my favourite.

Unfortunately, I run out the eggs and small chillies, which are best to be cooked with my chicken curry Indomie. I keep trying to find something in the kitchen, anything that I can use as condiments with my Indomie. There they are, sweet soy sauce and chilli powder. I experimented with those condiments to create a sweet and spicy Indomie soup.

Voila! It works. Finally, here it is my style of Indomie with just enough soup, an almost al dente noodle, and sweet and spicy condiment. Bon appetit Indonesia!


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