Enjoy Jakarta: Mayestik Market

Ask a Jakartans bride-to be where she bought fabrics for their wedding attire, I can bet that most of them will answer Mayestik Market (Pasar Mayestik). A market that renown as a place to fabric shopping before you get your wedding kebaya (Indonesian’s traditional clothes) or dress made.

It gets the reputation for a reason, at Mayestik Market you can find a lot of stores that sell various kind of fabrics. A satin for your dress, a lace for your kebaya, or wool for making a suit, Mayestik Market provide all of those. Your wedding day is not in the near future? Don’t worry you can still buy cotton for your shirt or canvas fabric for your DIY tote bag.

Pictured Credit : jakarta-tourism.go.id

Pasar Mayestik is not only selling material for your attire but also provide a service to make it. Inside the building, you can find many kiosks where the dressmakers use it as their workshop. The price is ranged depend on the details you want in your dress. I have experience making a dress here and it cost me around 600K IDR, and I am satisfied with the result.

The downside is you don’t know (yet) which dressmaker is good. While I can say most of them are experienced with the details (as seen in display mannequin), making kebaya or dress is more about personal preference. I suggest you ask for a friend’s recommendation before you choose your dressmaker.

In the same building at the food court area, there is an escalator to take you one floor down. Take that escalator to the underground floor and you can find stores that sell decorative box and basket.

These decorative box and basket is also part of wedding necessity. In an Indonesian wedding, there is a ceremony where the family of the bride and groom exchange gifts, these box and basket is used to wrap those gifts. Aside from the wedding, you can use the box and basket to make your special day hampers.

Located in South Jakarta, Pasar Mayestik is easy to reach. From Pondok Indah Mall you can take a Grab Bike or Go – Ride for under 10 K IDR or you can take a commuter line to Palmerah Station and take an online bike ride for 13 K only.


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