Snacking Roti Unyil

Bogor has located around 60 km to the south of Jakarta, together with Depok, Bekasi, and Tangerang this city is one of the satellite city for Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Bogor is called the City of Rain, due to frequent Rainfall. But the city offers more than frequent Rain, Presidential Palace, and botanical garden, Bogor is also famous for its culinary experience.

Since I am about moving to this city, you will get more and more sneak peek of Bogor culinary in this Blog. But before we go deeper to the heart of Bogor culinary, let me introduce you to the infamous Roti Unyil Venus, food souvenir signature of Bogor.

Roti Unyil Venus (Unyil Bread Venus) is named after longtime Indonesian children’s television series Si Unyil, hence for Indonesian, unyil means small. It is called unyil for a reason, their bread comes with one bite-size/ unyil size/small size. This one bite-size bread is seen as unique for they have varied flavour of bread, chocolate filling, smoked beef, peanut chocolate, you named it. With the price Rp 1,600 for each, you can never get enough with these tasty bread, I personally can munch at least five in one sitting.

Roti Unyil Venus ,Bogor

Every day there is always a long queue at their Pajajaran Store, but the store organizes the serving very well. Once you reach the counter display, you’ll be given a card with the customer service’s name on it, the lady with the name written will be assigned to help proceed your order. You will choose your preferred flavour of bread, and the lady will pick them from the counter display. At the end of the counter display, is cashier register, where you will pay your tasty Roti Unyil. You will be charged Rp 4,000 for the paper bag.

If you ask me my flavour favourites, I am a chocolate filling bread person, so chocolate filling bread is on my top list. If you still insist to mention another favourite, I must admit that their corn flavour is also delish.

So next time you visit Bogor, after you enjoy Bogor Presidential Palace or the Bogor Botanical Garden, make sure you have Roti Unyil Venus before you go back to your hotel room.


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